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Last Updated August 12, 2009

Added new 96 pixel converter

The Atari VCS(Video Computer System) was a very popular home video game system released by Atari in 1977. We received a 6-switch model and a few game cartridges as a Family Christmas Gift one year(I believe it was in 1979 as Atari revised the 2600 to a 4-switch model in 1980). The VCS was renamed 2600 in 1982, but I'll always remember it as the VCS.

SpiceWare ProjectWhat's There
Dragon Defense Squad Original game idea - not much done, but the keypad reading routines may be useful to others.
Medieval Mayhem My take on Warlords for the Atari VCS.
Paddle Demo Example code for reading paddle controls.
Rally S My take on Rally X, currently on back burner
Stay Frosty Holiday game - part of the 2007 Atari Age Holiday Cart, Stella's Stocking.

SpiceWare UtilityWhat's There
Two Color Sprite Converter Convert a graphic image to sprite data format used for the Dragon in Medieval Mayhem.
Sprite Converter Convert a graphic image to data for a single sprite
48 pixel Sprite Converter Convert a graphic image to data need for a 48 pixel sprite
96 pixel Sprite Converter Convert a graphic image to data need for a 96 pixel sprite

OtherWhat's There
2600 Programming For Newbies Andrew Davie's introduction to programming the Atari VCS
Atari Age Lots of information about Atari and their various video game systems. Also has a great discussion forum and a store front for buying "homebrews" like my game, Medieval Mayhem
Atari Homebrews Online Play a variety of new Atari VCS games right in the comfort of your own browser.
NTSC vs PAL vs SECAM Explains the differences of the Atari VCS on NTSC, PAL and SECAM television standards.
Mini Dig lots of useful info for programming the Atari VCS
Stella Emulator for playing Atari VCS games on your computer. Stella runs under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and a few other systems.

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